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10uL samples per 10€

 1 de julho de 2019

Genetex trusts in the quality of their products, and therefore they offer antibody samples for 10 € only

For july and august, the antibodies included in the offer are related to the metabolism research field.

Some of the antibodies included can detect:

1.- PKM: PKM is a key metabolic intermediate in ATP production within glycolysis. It interacts with more than twenty proteins. Thus, intervening in the regulatory network of PKM results in severe consequence of pathological disorders, including cancer (GTX107977)

2.- IDH1: IDH1 catalyzes the reversible oxidative decarboxylation of isocitrate to yield α-ketoglutarate. Mutation of this gene is reported in a variety of tumors (GTX105179)

3.- ALDH2: ALDH2 is a mitochondrial aldehyde dehydrogenase, playing a critical role in alcohol metabolism. Variant mutations of ALDH2 gene encoding inactive proteins are found in East Asians with higher frequency of acute alcohol intoxication (GTX101429)

4.- Galectina 3: Galectin 3 was recently implicated in impaired glucose homeostasis and deranged lipid metabolism, making it a hot research target of diabetes and obesity (GTX125897)

If these antibodies are interesting for your research, you can check the list of the antibodies included in the excel file you will find attached to this new.

The sale prices are available at this webpage, and you can contact us at or +34 935 86 89 80 in case of doubt, we will be happy to assist you