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News about Antibodies for Virus Research

 17 de maio de 2018 08:37

 Zika virus is largely known for causing brain abnormalities due to its ability to infect neural progenitor stem cells during early development. The journal Cancer Research has recently published a paper by Carolini Kaid exposing that this virus is also capable of infecting and destroying stem-like cancer cells from aggressive human embryonal tumors of the central nervous system, meaning that Zika could turn into a weapon against brain cancer. In their research, Carolini Kaid employed the GeneTex antibodies ZIKV NS2B (GTX133308) and anti-firefly Luciferase (GTX27358). Get updated reading their paper (DOI: 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-17-3201) and check out the GeneTex offers in antibodies on

Documento: 0008-5472.CAN-17-3201.full.pdf

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Five Pillar of Ab Validation

 22 de abril de 2018 08:45

Since we understand that more and more researchers need high-quality antibodies to achieve accurate and reproducible experimental results, GeneTex has been employing multiple approaches to certify antibody performance in our quality assurance process, noted 5 pillars.

At first, we upload a new landing page showing the difference about 5 validation procedures and you’ll find antibodies that passed at least one of these validation methods are identified by the certification icons on single datasheet page. Next, we’ll launch 5 pillars flyer to announce customers about our good quality control process, and the estimated date of completion is in May.