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Innova Biosciences Magnetic Bead Conjugation Kit for covalent conjugation of antib ...
6 de março de 2017
Innova’s new magnetic conjugation kit is for direct conjugation of antibodies, proteins and peptides with primary amine groups to our specially treated 0.5um magnetic particles

Trevigen White Paper ” Harvesting Organoids for Biochemical Analysis “by Sol Deges ...
6 de março de 2017
3D Cell culture models that resemble the architecture of their tissues of origin are the next generation of medical research models. The need for a more accurate prediction of a patient’s response to a certain treatment has become key in the development of organoids.

Abbexa is a new represented by AntibodyBcn
3 de março de 2017
English provider of high quality antibodies, proteins and kits.

GeneTex Promotion: Get a FREE USB drive and a Mascot Keychain from GeneTex
24 de abril de 2017
Get a free Genetex Mascot Keychain and a 5% OFF discount coupon if you buy 1 primary antibody. If you buy 2 primary antibodies, you also get a USB Drive and another 5% OFF discount coupons.

Genetex: Customize your antibody panel at a special Price
3 de março de 2017
3 antibodies (25 µl) for €315. 5 antibodies (25 µl) for €459

Proteintech control antibodies are just €149
10 de janeiro de 2017
naltrexone The proteins that normally serve as internal controls in your research may not always take center stage, but they are indispensable for conducting meaningful research, most notably for the proper interpretation of Western blots. fiogf49gjkf05